Why You Shouldn't Use Shared Hosting: An Expert's Perspective

Shared hosting is cost-effective but comes with certain limitations. Learn why you shouldn't use shared hosting for e-commerce sites from an expert's perspective.

Why You Shouldn't Use Shared Hosting: An Expert's Perspective

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting in which multiple websites and domains share a single physical server. It's often compared to a public bus system, as it's cost-effective and involves sharing resources with other users. Hundreds or even thousands of websites can be hosted on one server, but this comes with both advantages and disadvantages. In terms of cybersecurity, shared hosting plans tend to be more vulnerable to cyberattacks than dedicated hosting.

If you don't need immense bandwidth, memory, computing power, or control, shared hosting can be a great way to save money.Managed WordPress hosting (or WordPress hosting) is a particular type of shared hosting in which the servers are configured specifically for WordPress. This type of hosting is perfect for small and medium-sized websites or businesses, as well as for personal blogs and small online stores. However, it's important to note that shared hosting has its limitations. It won't give you root access or the ability to install custom applications and scripts on your hosting account.Incorrect IP address reputation is one of the main drawbacks of shared hosting.

When you use shared hosting, you share an IP address with all other clients on the same server. If an Internet service provider or university decides to block the website of another customer with which you have the same IP, your website will also be blocked. This means that shared hosting is only suitable for static websites, small personal blogs, and commercial or personal websites with small to medium traffic.E-commerce sites require specialized hosting that can be adequately adapted to the special nature and special requirements imposed on online stores by e-commerce legislation or industry regulations. Performance is a general term for aspects related to the speed and uptime of your website.

The hosting you choose for your site can significantly influence the speed of your website, which in turn can influence the search engine ranking and the conversion rates of your online store.Unfortunately, downtime caused by high traffic spikes isn't uncommon with shared hosting. To ensure that your website has close to 100% uptime, choose a hosting company with good uptime and a hosting plan with high availability guarantees. If shared hosting is a prohibited option for e-commerce, VPS and dedicated hosting plans will meet all the requirements that the shared hosting plans did not meet.VPS hosting provides more processing power, disk space, and memory than shared hosting. It also gives you full control over the configuration of your server environment, meets the performance and security requirements of e-commerce, and ensures that any hosting-related issues receive the responsive support you need at those times.It's important to understand the difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting, so you can choose the best option for your business.

With shared hosting, a server can host multiple websites, dedicating a certain amount of resources to each one. However, this means that all server websites also share common resources such as disk space and bandwidth with other clients.When it comes to choosing a hosting plan for your website or online store, it's important to consider all aspects related to performance, security, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and customer support. TechRadar Pro asked Hostinger (opens in a new tab) for information on everything related to shared hosting, so you can make an informed decision about your hosting service options.All your efforts to make your website stand out won't mean much if your site faces severe disruptions when it matters most. To ensure that your website has close to 100% uptime and meets all performance requirements for e-commerce sites, choose a reliable hosting company with good uptime guarantees and a VPS or dedicated hosting plan.

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